Blaze & the Monster Machines App Recensioni

Too much money

My kids liked the app. They are 5 &2 and both enjoyed racing. But after paying $4 for and app you can only race on 3 tracks then you have to pay 1.99 each to race on the remaining 4 locked tracks. If I'm gonna pay $4 for an app I expect it to be free to use all of it.

App Crashes

Bought this game for my 3 yo and every time I try opening it it crashes. I want my money back.

I want my money back

I want my money back. You need to design the turns so it works more smoothly and why can't my little brother play with the other characters? it is so annoying to not have all the tracks, why would you make me pay 4 dollars then make me pay more to get the tracks?? I think these are good enough problems to get my money back.

Where are the rest of the monster machines?

Good game. But since I paid my money for this game why can't my kids play with all the monster trucks like zeg and strips? All the tracks should be free I shouldn't have to pay extra.

One race! That's all you get before nagging purchases

The app is focused around teasing your child into additional purchases that you must purchase. The game seriously lacks in imagination and creativity for the child.

Blaze game not what it says

First time out it asks you to enter child's name never does it show that your child's name is the racer kind of misleading and then is asks you to pay for more tracks . Isn't worth the 3.99

Suggests more purchases!

This game tries to get you to buy more content as much as a free-to-play game! It makes no attempt to hide the tracks that are not included and even suggests them audibly. Very difficult for a young child to understand why he cannot race on some of the tracks. Disappointing for a game that you have to pay for!

Great game but...

Really made me mad you already pay 3,99 and then on top of that you have to pay 1,99$ each new race track!!


This game is the best my son loves it

Certified Operations Officer

An effective fun but educational game for children under 5. Enjoy the idea of team building as well. Which todays world lacks these days. Highly recommend this application. Please update more tracks and add more characters. Best, Mr McGregor.

5 and Under dumb***

Why are you getting upset about a kids game? "B'jones'n" aka B'dorkin

Warning! Buying app doesn't unlock everything.

Seriously, this app to begin with was way overpriced for what you got (and still get). The controls are horrible and the vehicles constantly get stuck on the tracks. To top it all off, they completely piss you off after you buy it by not unlocking every track and trying to charge you additional money for more tracks. Horrible!


Awesome game. My son loves it

Fun game for my 3 year old

My 3 year old loves Blaze and loves this game. The reason I am only giving it 3 stars though is because we purchased the Dragon Island however the app was deleted once, but cloud allowed me to download again. But there was no option to restore my previous purchase of the Dragon Island. If this can be resolved I would gladly change this to 5 stars.

Ridiculous !!!

We paid 4 dollar for this and this game doesn't even download !! I want my money back !!

Horrible app

Not usable. Difficult too many pauses and starts. Do not rec.


So....after months of my 4yo son saying he wanted this I finally agreed to buy it. He loves it!!!! Bought it for my phone and ended up buying it for his tablet too after he begged me to put it on there. $12 later but so far seems worth it.

Don't want Blaze All the time...

My son loves this app and the cartoon. I just cross he could pick to be one of the other trucks because he doesn't always want to race as blaze. He keeps asking me to pick Starla but you can't. Hope that changes soon.

Won't download

I've been waiting for 2 days for this thing to download. Why is it the only app I buy won't download?

Doesn't work. Bummer!

I can't even get the app to load. They sure did take my money. Bummer! Looked like a fun app for the young kids. Very age appropriate. Wish it worked!

Would not recommend!

My little brother has this game on the iPad mini and every time he plays it the game crashes and closes out! I would suggest no one else buy this game

Not working

Loaded and my son is so excited to play. However every time we try to enter his name as new player, the screen goes black and app closes. Bummed. And yes, costs $3.99 to find out it doesn't work:(


Game is broken! Crashes EVERY time. Highly disappointed kids.


I saw the bad reviews and ignored them only to find out they were right. :( thanks for trying to warn me! I literally just downloaded it and it cuts out when we go to put our name in. Such a bummer. So disappointed. 😒

Not like it

I really thought that it worth it . But I didn't like it


Just wasted $4! This app won't even download to attempt to open. I want a refund! My 3yr old blaze fan can't even try to play the game.

Love it!!

Both my 3yo son and my 5yo daughter are huge Blaze fans. They have been SO psyched about this game (and I love that they're learning from it, too!) I don't have any complaints. Let's blaze!

Love it!

My whole fam hasn't stopped playing this since we bought it -- great game!

Pass on this

I was looking for a kids driving game without in app purchases. This is not the game I was looking for. Controls are horrible and not fun. Not a very good game and most definitely not worth the price being charged.

My niece loves this game!

She’s having a lot of fun. She’s so happy that she can drive Blaze!

Won't even download iphone 5

Where's the refund won't even download...4 dollar scam

Stellar App!

Me and my family all love Blaze and the Monster Machines, and an app based on the show made us buy it immediately! It incorporates the best parts of the show and allows for players to "race." It could include more of Crusher, but seeing as he is in the game in the first place, it's an overall great game!


My app did not work when I first downloaded it onto my iPhone. I did a restart on my phone and then it began to work. My grandson loves it!!


This app does not work! Get to the point of racing and kicks you out every time. I just wasted my money! Refund please!!!!

Bad app

Please fix this app, you load the app right before the race and it goes black and kicks you out!!!! Waste of $4!! Disappointed!


My son was really excited for this game and I've tried repeatedly to download and it won't. He's upset and so am I that I wasted the money...

Great app for my 3 and 5 y.o!

My kids love the app and it works great!

Iphone app does not work!!

Agree with others who say the app opens, you choose a track and a level and then it crashes. Please fix. It's bad enough that only one level is available for the $4 app -- that's ridiculous. What a waste of money. Same situation of getting a little boy's hopes up and then watching them crash with the app.

Fix it!

Bought this app and my daughter can't play it. Every time she starts, it crashes and close. She is very disappointed.

Fix Soon!

Just got the app for our son and it crashes! He can't even race! Total waste of $4! Better fix soon! We want a refund! This is one of many times nicklelodeon puts apps out there and they crash!!! It's a rip off!

My kids love this app

Both my 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl can't get enough of this app. They are huge Blaze fans and love racing their favorite characters, even when they lose! We've had no technical problems so the bugs other reviewers mentioned must have been from an earlier version.


The app does not work! I can not get it to download. Wasted $4!

Waste of time

So mad!!!! Just spent 4$ and won't even download😠 better be fixed asap!!!

Angry mother!!!!! Want money back

Bought this ridiculously priced app for my 4 year old who loves blaze only to be consoling constant fits when he CANNOT use the app!! Crashes EVERY TIME!!!! Fix it!!!! Fix it now !!!

Great game with broad appeal

My kids love all the monster truck characters and the different race tracks!


My son and daughter were both so excited to be able to drive Blaze!


The idea is cool. My son loves Blaze and the Monster Machines. Too bad the app doesn't work! I just spent $4 and he cannot even play it. It loads everything up until it is loading the race, then the screen goes blank and it kicks you out. Hopefully this is fixed soon!!

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